Family Warmth Package

A vacation with family is a perfect opportunity for bonding experiences. It’s true but sometimes things might not always go as planned! Let Family Warmth Package create personalized services that will satisfy each individual’s needs. Kids will be well looked after while parents are having a great time with relaxing massages. Crying babies suddenly burst out smiling when they are handed with balloons and taken for some sorbet ice-cream.

Book minimum 3 nights of accommodation for 2 adults + 2 children

Endless Love Package

Boost the romance and enjoy luxuriously with a romantic room setup, surprise turndown services and sexy amenities. All astonishing plans for loved ones are welcome to be secretly whispered and become real with lots of surprises. Honestly, all impressive moments will be well imprinted and saved in the memories of those loved ones forever.

Book minimum 3 nights of accommodation for 2 adults

Private Paradise Package

Discover a luxurious vacation at the serene full-serviced hideaway resort. Wake up with sunrise and soak up with sunset in one’s own private pool. Star on an unforgettable dinner at villa’s private terrace with personalized services and panoramic views. Every single individual’s preference and desire is set at top priority, fulfilled and satisfied. Great feelings or emotion outcomes are beyond one’s expectation.

Book minimum 3 nights of accommodation for 2 adults


Works are challenging and fun filled but working continuously nonstop could cause some stresses and fatigues. It’s time to take a brief and reward one’s self with a revitalized treat. Quick Recharge Package is designed to rejuvenate personal wellbeing both physically and mentally for the next upcoming adventure.

Book minimum 2 nights of accommodation for 2 adults

SOLO Delight Package

In Today’s world, a lot of interactions among colleagues and business counterparts are automatically required. Sometimes, one is engaged in some unknown people and unawarely exhaust one’s own serene world. Solo Delight Package will enable one to bring back one’s own world with provided private activities that encourage the goodnesses of being by one’s self.

Book minimum 3 nights of accommodation for 2 adults

Buddy Time Package

Every day life brings in responsibilities without any invitation and take away intimate time with friends. When those good old days are calling, Buddy Time Package awaits one to regain good old cheerful memories. It’s time to reunite with friends to bring back everyone’s childhood when no one gives up talking, drinking and fighting with friends.

Book minimum 3 nights of accommodation for 2 adults